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Hanau Architecture LOGO Introduction



γ€€γ€€The LOGO of Hangzhou Hanau Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is very dynamic. The thick vertical lines on the upper and lower parts of the outer ring stabilize the center of gravity, but they are not connected together. . The letters H and A in the circle are combined, and are taken from the first letter of Han-Ao Pinyin. H stands for section steel, which means that the company is characterized by different forms of steel structure design, and at the same time it looks like a golden ding. The letter A stands for number one in the West. H is both vertical and it looks like the two smiled and shook hands. Expressing sincere cooperation and achieving double-win is the company's operating philosophy. The upper and lower openings of the outer ring mean that even if the market is getting tougher, all employees of Hanau can break through the upper and lower sides and realize their self-worth. The outer circle also means the company's success. At the same time, the homonym of Han-Ao is "okay", and the letter A with the tip removed from the circle, both uphold the management philosophy that there is no best but better management in the world. It is also the goal pursued by all Han-Ao employees. Excellence is only a passing line. Working hard will be the basic normal for every employee.

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