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What are the advantages of steel structure housing in terms of layout


  In recent years, steel structure has been widely used in housing. Many light steel villas have been built with steel structure and concrete. What are the advantages of steel structure housing in terms of layout? Let Hanau Building Design have a detailed understanding now. 

steel structure residence

  1. Steel structure steel structure residential is beneficial to the creation of new ideas of equipment style

  The characteristic of the steel structure is to make the equipment light and transparent, and complete the large-span space modeling and some complex modeling thoughts.

  2. Lightweight steel structure residential layout

  Unlike the ancient concrete layout, due to the small section of the components, it is equivalent to the amount of steel used in the unified frame, eliminating the weight of the frame beam. The steel structure is 1/2 to 1/3 of the weight of reinforced concrete, which greatly reduces the load on the foundation and reduces the concrete content.

  3. Excellent seismic performance of steel structure residential

  The steel structure is flexible and has good seismic performance. It can experience a certain allowable deformation absorption and consume a large amount of seismic force, thereby reducing the damage to the equipment by the seismic force. Many ground earthquakes in Japan and Taiwan have confirmed that steel structures have irreplaceable advantages in ensuring people's lives.

  4. High construction accuracy of steel structure residence

  Many standardized steel components are machined and are all completed in the factory. Therefore, the layout accuracy of the components is higher, and the quality is better than that of cast concrete.

  The steel structure house is not only environmentally friendly, but also sturdy, and has a particularly high safety performance. It can withstand earthquakes and gales above magnitude 10. If you also want to own a light steel villa of your own, please call Steel Structure Workshop Supplier Hanau building design.

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