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Use of steel structure


  The use of steel structure is very wide, which is very common in many projects now. Friends who have been in contact with steel structures know that it has a wide range of applications, especially in low-rise buildings. The use of steel structure in low-rise buildings has the following categories:

steel structure,Use of steel structure

  1. The use of steel structure in low-rise villas

  The basic components of the villa are galvanized steel keel, cold-rolled technology, accurate data calculation, scientific and reasonable support and combination of supporting components, high physical performance, naive layout, convenient construction and various characteristics.

  2. The use of steel structure in industrial plants

  The basic load-bearing components of industrial equipment are made of steel, including steel beams, Steel Structure Workshop, steel roofs, steel columns and steel roof trusses. The plant skeleton is the basic material, the light steel keel is the sandwich insulation board, the space is combined with a series of scale modules, and the components are connected by bolts. It is the most environmentally friendly and economical power station.

  3. The use of steel structure in hotel equipment

  Using steel structure, namely new thin steel plate and steel structure system, a new type of steel structure building system is formed in hotel equipment. The key part of the system is the layout technology, which has the characteristics of equipment, heat preservation, plumbing, electrical insulation, sound insulation, and decoration. Thus formed a complete set of high-efficiency green energy-saving equipment system.

  The above is the "application of steel structure". Steel structure can play a huge role in low-level equipment. Whether in use, or in the course of design, construction and general economics, steel structure has unique advantages. I believe that only with proper manipulation can the good results of steel structures be promoted.

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