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Building steel frame workshop
Steel structure workshop
Steel structure workshop
Steel structure workshop
Building steel frame workshop
Steel structure workshop
Steel structure workshop
Steel structure workshop
Building steel frame workshop

Model NO.:Vanon-W23

Port: Ningbo, China 

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union

Member: Steel Beam 

Industrial building in China - hanau building design Industrial building

Model NO. Vanon-W23
Window PVC or Aluminium Alloy Window
Purlin C/Z Shape Steel Channe
Structure Usage 50 - 100 Years
Door Sliding Door, Rolling Door etc.
Surface Treatment Coated, Lacquered
Transport Package Sea Worthy Packing in Container
Specification Customized
Type of Steel For Building Structure High-Strength Steel
Application Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House



steel structure buildings,steel structure homes


      Industrial building in China


  Building steel frame workshop - Hangzhou Hanau Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is a professional company that provides comprehensive architectural design services. The service areas involve architectural design, structural design and engineering production and installation consulting, etc., which feature different forms of steel structure design, include:Steel structure workshop, Steel Structure,Light Steel Villa,Prefab villa,Container house,Living Container house,resort hotel,Steel structure small high-rise apartment,Hotel. After more than 20 years of experience and accumulation of experience, we can better understand our customers Demand and present excellent architectural works.


  The popularization and application of the Internet provides important conditions for the 21st century manufacturing industry to quickly form a virtual company and quickly customize and build new residential products. The "customized marketing + Internet" model uses the Internet and big data to accurately know the needs of buyers in advance and let buyers Place orders directly on the platform, and then use big data to find out 80% or 90% of customers with the same needs and their favorite houses, and realize the whole process of product development, design, construction, assembly, sales and service, adding romance, New features for viewing and dreamy colors. And through the social supply chain management system to connect cooperative enterprises to implement effective market control and marketing management.


  Innovation leads the future, integrity creates quality. This is the company's most basic values, the result of the hard work of all employees, the bond that connects all employees, the internal driving force for the survival and development of the company, and the cornerstone of the corporate code of conduct system. No matter how the society changes, products will become obsolete, the market will change, new technologies will continue to emerge, and management fashion will also change rapidly, but in an excellent company, corporate values ??will not change. It represents the reason for the existence of the company. Only when we are honest and honest can we do what we say and keep our promises. Honesty is our most important intangible asset. Hanau insists on winning customers with honesty.


       hanau building design Industrial building


  The so-called "environmental protection smart residential equipment villa", its main material is light steel keel, after accurate calculation plus the support and combination of accessories, it has a reasonable bearing capacity to replace traditional houses. Compared with the traditional residential structure system, the environmental protection smart villa has the following characteristics: the space layout is flexible, which can meet the multi-functional requirements of the residents; the material is lightweight and high-strength, the seismic performance is good, and the safety is high; the construction speed is fast and the construction period is short; The industrialization and industrialization of residential construction can be realized.


  Building steel frame workshop - Hanau building design is a professional building design company. Its service areas include: Steel structure workshop, Steel Structure, Light Steel Villa, etc. Since its establishment, its design projects have covered more than 10 countries and regions, and it has completed more than 300 engineering designs and consulting projects, and cooperated with Many design institutes and real estate companies have established good cooperative relations.

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