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Public architecture of Tourism Center
Public architecture of Tourism Center
Public architecture of Tourism Center
Public architecture of Tourism Center
Public architecture of Tourism Center

Port: Shanghai, China 

Production Capacity: 20000

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Material: Steel Structure 

Public architecture of Tourism Center - hanau building design

Model NO. ZZ-003
ZZ-003 China
HS Code 7214100000
Trademark Hanau
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Material Steel Structure
Customized ISO, CE
Customized Customized
Usage Warehouse, Villa, Dormitories, Temporary Offices, Workshop



Public architecture of Tourism Center



  Public architecture of Tourism Center - The construction industry has always played an important role. The use of materials and structural design in the construction industry have changed with the changes in society, and the light steel structure building is now a more important type of construction in the society. Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure buildings have many advantages, and I will introduce them in detail below.


  1. Steel structure building


  Public architecture of Tourism Center - Steel structure building form is a new way of modern social building form. Steel structure building uses steel structure steel plate to replace traditional concrete, which has higher strength and better seismic performance. In addition, the building materials of steel structure can be made in the factory, so the construction period will be greatly saved. This kind of steel structure building is mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, and it is also the main building form in the future.


  2. Traditional architecture


  Public architecture of Tourism Center - The traditional building structure is mainly made of concrete. Concrete has great shortcomings in the use of buildings. It can no longer meet people's needs for modern buildings, so steel structure buildings have appeared. Hanau Building Design is a company that provides comprehensive architectural design services. It has multiple service areas and has its own characteristics for different steel structure buildings.


  Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure buildings have many advantages. This is also the structure of social development and progress and the product of the times.


  Public architecture of Tourism Center - Hanau Building Design is a steel structure construction company specializing in the construction of Steel Structure Workshop, light Steel Villa, Living Container house. It has helped customers build many satisfactory works, such as: Sanya Haitang Bay International Shopping Center Project, Reykjavik, Iceland The Municipal Grand Theater, Taiyuan Hilton Hotel, Doha Airport, Louvre tornado roof, etc., have been unanimously affirmed by customers. Steel structure buildings are not only safe, but also more affordable than cement buildings. At the same time, the construction speed is also comparable. Fast, can well guarantee the quality of the project while saving construction time. Hanau Building Design welcomes customers from all over the world to call to discuss business cooperation. Your trust is the driving force of Hanau Building Design. Thank you.

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