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Are steel structure processing materials required high


  The steel structure is made of many different materials. Hanau Building Design steel structure processing professionals report whether the quality of our steel structure can be distinguished from the steel structure processing materials, so the request is relatively high. So are the steel structure processing materials required high?

steel structure,Are steel structure processing materials required high

  1. Steel for steel structure, welding materials, coating materials and fasteners should have quality certificates, and must meet design requirements and current standards.

  2. The raw materials, including the manufacturer’s quality certificate, shall be witnessed, sampled, sent, inspected and inspected in accordance with the requirements of the treaty and relevant standards, and the inspection record shall be constructed. And provide inspection report and monitoring to Party A.

  3. In the process of processing, if the original material is found to be defective, the inspector and the competent technician must conduct research and punishment.

  4. The production unit shall use the material certificate (technical approval sheet) application in advance, which shall be replaced by Party A and the supervisor after verification.

  5. It is strictly forbidden to use drugs or rusty soldering or damp agglomeration to melt solder and rusty wires. For stud welding studs, the appearance should not affect the use of cracks, streaks, dents and burrs.

  6. Conduct intensive management of welding materials and establish a dedicated stack. The library should be dry and ventilated.

  7. The bolts should be stored in a dry and ventilated room. The acceptance of high-strength bolts should be designed, constructed and accepted according to the current national standards. Examples of high-strength bolts for steel structures are not used, such as rust, stains, moisture, scratches, and mixed batches.

  8. The paint should meet the design requirements and be stored in a dedicated stack. Paint that is outdated, deteriorated, or adhesive failure must not be used.

  9. Qualified steel structure materials have good plasticity and toughness and large deformation. It can withstand dynamic loads very well, making the steel structure more reliable.

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