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China Steel structure workshop design supplier


  What are the construction requirements for steel structures?

  China Steel structure workshop design supplier - Over the years, many decoration and equipment projects have adopted steel structures as external wall steel frames. What are the precautions for construction of steel structures? Let us find out.

China Steel structure workshop design supplier,Steel structure workshop design

  1. Before installation and construction, the essential equipment for construction has been prepared and shut down; all parts are prefabricated and assembled. The installation site has been prepared for the discharge material site and construction site, and can provide construction prerequisites;

  2, all construction personnel are involved in the construction technology and understand the construction methods, construction procedures, quality standards, installation procedures, HSE technical requirements and product protection;

  3. Construction monitoring should be familiar with the construction scale atlas, drawings and materials, construction and acceptance scales, etc.

  4. The specifications, varieties and performance of the delivered goods should meet the current national product standards and design requirements, and there should be product quality documents.

  High-strength large hexagon head bolt connection pair and torsion shear type high-strength bolt connection are respectively attached with torque coefficient and tightening axial force (pretension) test report:

  1. The torsion shear type high-strength bolt connection is correspondingly pre-tensioned and re-inspected and the inspection report is announced. Each batch should extract 8 sets of connection pairs for re-examination.

  2. When ordinary bolts are used as permanent connecting bolts, if there are design requests or doubts about their quality, the minimum tensile load of the bolts should be re-checked, and 8 bolts of each type should be checked;

  3. High-strength bolt connection is provided according to the package. The packaging should indicate the specification, batch number, number and production date. The appearance of nuts, bolts and washers should be protected by oil. No rust and pollution, no damage to the thread;

  4. For the connection of high-strength large hexagon head bolts, the torque coefficient should be re-examined and an inspection report should be issued. Each batch should adopt 8 sets of connection pairs for re-inspection. After rechecking, the average value of the torque coefficients of the 8 connected pairs should be calculated. Should be 0.110~0.150, the scale deviation is less than or equal to 0.010;

  China Steel structure workshop design supplier - Hanau Building Design is a professional design supplier of Steel Structure Workshop, light Steel Villa, Steel Structure, participated in or independently completed the Sanya Haitang Bay International Shopping Center Project, Reykjavik City Theater in Iceland, Taiyuan Hilton Hotel, Doha Airport , Louvre tornado roof, Wuyi Hot Spring logo monument, Chengda Building, Yanlord Land Plaza, Lhasa New Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel, Shenyang Taoxian Airport Perimeter Design, Xiamen T4 Terminal, Perimeter Design, Beijing Benz Perimeter There are more than ten domestic and foreign public building steel structure designs such as the protection design and the Shenyang BMW exterior protection design. The steel structure is not only environmentally friendly, but also much cheaper than ordinary buildings. It is definitely a rising star. If you have any needs in this regard, please call us and serve you wholeheartedly, thank you.

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