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How to store steel structure


  Steel structure is a kind of building material with very high attractions. A large number of factory buildings and buildings are constructed using steel structures and other materials. However, the steel structures used in the construction of factory buildings and buildings are stacked, How to store steel structure? Now let Hanau Building Design explain in detail how to place the steel structure.

steel structure,How to store steel structure

  1. The steel placed on site can be placed in the open or stacked in a covered place. When stacking in the open air, the site should be aligned, and should be higher than the surrounding ground with drainage ditch; when stacking, try to make the reverse side of the steel plate face up or up to prevent snow and water accumulation, and there should be a certain height between the two ends , Drainage is convenient. When stacked between the covers, they can be simply stacked on the floor or on the wood.

  2. How to store steel structure? ? Steel stacking requires proper stacking of antiques to minimize deformation and corrosion of steel. When stacking steel bars, the corrugated wood should be arranged every 5 to 6 layers, and the spacing will not cause significant bending and deformation. The corrugated wood should be aligned on a uniform vertical plane. And also consider the use of a certain width of passage between the transported material piles.

  3. The steel identification end of the steel should be marked with the certificate number of the evaluation specification, steel number, number and quality acceptance. The end of the steel is painted in different colors according to the steel number, and the steel logo should be checked regularly.

  4. How to store steel structure? Steel inspection Steel must undergo rigorous testing before use, and the steel has undergone inspection and can be disposed of. The important content of steel inspection is: the number and variety of steel are the same as the order agreement; the quality assurance of the steel is the same as the mark printed on the steel; the size and dimensions of the steel are checked; the appearance quality inspection of the steel.

steel structure,How to store steel structure

  The above is "how to store steel structure". Hanau building design is an architectural design company with decades of experience. Steel structure design projects are exported to dozens of countries and regions overseas, and have cooperated with many architectural design agencies. We have long-term cooperation, welcome customers and friends to discuss cooperation, thank you.

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