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Matters when installing steel structures


  Steel structure equipment has been widely used in recent years. Many new apartment types have been built with steel structure. What should be paid attention to when installing steel structure equipment? Now let Hanau Building Design talk about matters when installing steel structures.

steel structures,Matters when installing steel structures

  1. Matters when installing steel structures-the need for safety protection during the construction of steel structures

  In the process of steel structure installation, due to its special working conditions and working conditions, the safety of the steel structure during the construction process was determined. Because steel structure construction requires more manual manipulation in electric welding work, and the degree of mechanization is low, the construction of welding personnel increases. The logistics safety assurance of some construction teams in my country is relatively backward, the capital investment is not enough, and the safety protection measures cannot be guaranteed, resulting in poor safety protection at the construction site.

  2. Matters when installing steel structures-The construction process of the two steel structures is complex and diverse

  In the process of steel structure construction, it is necessary to distinguish steel structure construction examples, which must be divided into spatial steel structure, residential steel structure, high-rise steel structure, and light steel structure. And heavy steel structure. After the steel structure is transported from the manufacturer to the construction site for resettlement construction, it must be carried out in accordance with certain procedures, hoisting, hoisting, moving devices, alignment of normal and off positioning, and welding.

  In the construction of steel structures, the welding technology must be used for manual arc welding. When necessary, use gas welding, shielded welding, tungsten welding, argon arc welding and other methods, and grinder cutting methods should also be used in the cutting process, and pay attention to the construction process.

  3. Matters when installing steel structures-the roughness of the welding work

  A large number of electric welding processes are required in the course of steel structure construction. However, the working conditions of the welding field are often complicated and lack safety. For example, most of them are operated in the open air, which will be exposed to the sun, wind and rain. In high-altitude homework, the temperature is high, and the safety is low. These workplaces often have more obstacles to manipulation, and the rate of status change is fast, which is the most disadvantaged in the change process. If the construction site is small and there are a lot of equipment stacked, it will cause great safety hazards.

steel structures,Matters when installing steel structures

  What I’ve introduced to you above is "the matters when installing steel structure buildings". Steel Structure Workshop Supplier hanau building design is a professional architectural design comprehensive service company. Our design projects cover more than 10 countries and regions, and we have cooperated with many Design institutes, engineering companies, real estate companies and architectural design firms have established a good cooperative relationship. Welcome new and old customers to call or email us to discuss cooperation, thank you.

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