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There are several categories of steel structure nodes


  There have been more and more steel structure workshops in recent years. Because of its light weight and light construction, it is deeply loved by the bosses. So how many classifications are there for steel structure nodes? Now let hanau building design come into details.

Steel Structure Building

  1. Articulated nodes. The discussion of articulation is not generally used for the connection of steel members, but for beams, columns and column feet. When the hinges are successively connected to the beam-column body, the steel structure has only sheared in the vertical direction, and the steel structure will not generate bending moment, and the successively connected layout of the hinges can complete the liberating rolling. The construction and operation of the articulated joints are relatively simple and practical, which can improve the stability of the layout, strengthen the bearing capacity of the ends, and ensure the safety of equipment.

  2. Rigid node. A rigid node refers to a node that ensures that the angle between the beam and column does not deform or slightly deform during the course of the pressure-bearing equipment. In order to ensure the overall performance of the steel structure, it is necessary to ensure that the connection angle between the steel structure and the beam-column layout does not change as much as possible to keep the layout stable. The connection strength of the rigid node is greater than the yield strength of the connection member. Therefore, mastering the stability and strength of the node is the most important. After all the rigid joints are completed, the joint use of steel structure can be fully promoted.

  3. Semi-rigid joints of steel structure. Semi-rigid node is a kind of node between rigid node and hinged node. It has a certain bending moment bearing capacity and can also shape the shape of a steel structure. In addition, the semi-rigid layout can also improve the seismic capability and bending capability of the equipment, which is a link between stiffness and flexibility. This joint mode has strong bending resistance and can protect the load-bearing ability of steel structures. However, due to the large elasticity of the steel structure due to improper construction and design, which affects the stability and safety of the steel structure, the construction is difficult and the application is not widely limited.

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