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hanau Steel structure building design


  Hangzhou Hanau Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating steel structure design, production and installation. It has long-term focus on construction and fields, and has professional contracting capabilities, professional contracting capabilities for mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, and architectural decoration and decoration engineering. Contracting capacity. It has three domestic leading production equipment production lines, and has experience in technical decomposition, production and installation of large-span factory buildings, logistics warehouses, warehousing and multi-layer heavy steel structures.

hanau building design,Steel structure design

  Engineering quality assurance, personalized design

  Strong technical strength support, project quality is guaranteed; professional design and installation team, formulate personalized project plans; strong design strength, establish good cooperative relations with universities and design institutes.

  Raw material quality assurance

  Introduced advanced domestic production equipment such as automatic pipe intersecting lines, ion cutting machines, double automatic welding machines for grid rods, automatic welding equipment for grid supports, gantry submerged arc welding and CNC flame cutting machines.

  Construction schedule guarantee

  Full communication and research in the early stage, one-to-one customization of scientific and effective design plans; production and production of materials according to the plan, reducing costs and saving time; a team with many years of on-site construction management experience to ensure the progress of the project scientifically and standardizedly

  Service after-sales guarantee

  In case of quality problems, send technicians to handle them; set up a customer service center with a 2-hour response and fast processing speed; all-day mailbox and telephone online services.

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