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4 people killed in fire in Hangzhou high building


  On the morning of the 22nd, the official Weibo of Hangzhou Shangcheng announced that at 5:07 this morning, a fire broke out in Unit 1, Unit 1, Building 2, Blue Qianjiang Apartment, Kunpeng Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou. After full rescue by firefighters, the fire was brought under control at 5:54; the fire was extinguished at 6:48. Four people rescued at the scene died after the rescue failed.

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  It is understood that the fire was located in Room 1802 on the 18th floor with an area of ??about 300 square meters. The fire area was about 50 square meters. The burning material was household. There were a total of 6 residents in this residential house. After an on-site search, 4 wounded were rescued and all were sent to Zhejiang Second Hospital for treatment. Shangcheng District released news that as of 9:39, two injured (Lin Zhenya and Zhu Xiaozhen) died after rescue efforts failed. As of 10:45, the other two injured in the fire died after rescue efforts failed.

  After investigation by the public security organs, it was clearly an arson case. The family’s nanny Mo Moujing (female, 34 years old, from Dongguan, Guangdong) is suspected of committing a major crime and is now under the control of the public security authorities.

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