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Steel structure building design plan Let the building have its own characteristics


  In a modern industrialized society, the existence of the construction industry is very necessary for the development and construction of the entire society. With the continuous development of society, new building structure models have gradually entered people's field of vision, among which steel structure building design is now the more popular building model in the construction industry. Then, I will give you a detailed introduction about the design of steel structure building.

  1. Steel structure building design

  With the continuous development and advancement of society, technology that keeps pace with the times has emerged in all aspects, and steel structure building design is one of them. Steel structure building is a new type of construction form in the modern construction industry, and it is also a construction form that is favored by many professionals in the construction industry. It has many advantages and characteristics.

  2. Company profile

  Hanau Building Design was established in 2013. Its company design projects have spread to more than a dozen countries and regions. It has completed more than 300 engineering design plans and oak consultations, and has cooperated with many design institutes and architectural affairs. We have established a cooperative relationship. It has been affirmed and trusted by customers and partners with its own architectural concept.

  Hanau Building Design's steel structure building design scheme has its own characteristics and can meet the needs of customers in many aspects.

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