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Steel structure workshop construction


  What to do in case of special weather during construction of steel structure workshop

  The construction of the equipment must be guaranteed with both safety and quality as the most important thing. Steel structure construction can not be affected by seasons and weather conditions. When construction is carried out in rainy and windy weather, China Steel Structure Workshop Supplier reminds you to pay attention to the following 4 points:

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  1. Windy weather

  In windy weather, if the main beams and large steel columns of the plant are installed and the steel structure supporting the large components needs to be corrected, the correction must be maintained and the phenomenon of unilateral instability must be prevented.

  Although in windy weather, if the wind reaches level 8 or higher and the cable wind rope cannot grasp the components, stop the installation work at this time. The construction of steel structure workshops should focus on safety, and only with safety can there be higher quality.

  2. Baking of welding rod

  The atmosphere in rainy days is relatively humid, so the welding rod should be stored in a moisture-proof space, and it should be baked during use. What needs to be noted here is that for a unified welding rod, the number of bakings cannot exceed three times. Therefore, during baking, in order to avoid overlapping baking, it is necessary to make relevant records.

  3. Put up a protective shed

  If the construction of the steel structure workshop is held on a rainy day, the construction manufacturer must set up a temporary protective shed. Rainwater must not fall on the hot welding seam. If the welding part is wet, it must be dried with a dry cloth and before welding. Bake to dry with an oxyacetylene flame. Keep the welds dry, and do not discover the residual moisture.

  4, rainy day hoisting

  Steel structure workshop construction, there must be hoisting homework, do the hoisting homework in rainy days, if there is water on the components, clean them before hoisting, clear out the rain, pay attention not to damage the coating. The discussion of high-strength bolts, during the installation, the appearance of the components should be clean, there should be no water droplets, let alone rain water touching the soil, etc., to prevent damage to the torque.

  The above introduction is "What to do in case of special weather in steel structure workshop construction", Hanau Building Design is a steel structure construction company specializing in the construction of Steel Structure Workshop, light Steel Villa, Living Container house, and has helped customers build many satisfactory works. Such as: Sanya Haitang Bay International Shopping Center Project, Reykjavik City Theater in Iceland, Taiyuan Hilton Hotel, Doha Airport, Louvre Tornado Roof, etc., have been unanimously affirmed by customers. Steel structure buildings are not only safe, Moreover, the price is more affordable than cement construction, and the construction speed is also quite fast, which can ensure the quality of the project and save construction time. Hanau Building Design welcomes customers from all over the world to call to discuss business cooperation. Your trust is the driving force of Hanau Building Design. Thank you.

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