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  china Steel structure workshop supplier - Nowadays, the state supports small and medium-sized enterprises with great support and various preferential policies. This has caused people to devote themselves to entrepreneurship. At the same time, many small and medium-sized enterprises have sprung up to explore. All of Zhou Mi’s friends have discovered: Compared with ancient workshops, new three-dimensional steel structure workshops are being used more and more. Why abandon ancient workshops and use new steel structure workshops? What are the advantages of steel structure workshops? Let hanau building design introduce to you now:

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  1. The steel structure is built with light quality, high strength and large span.

  2. The construction period of steel structure is short, and the cost of investment is lowered accordingly.

  3. Steel structural components are built in the workshop, reducing the workload on site and shortening the construction period, which meets the requirements of property ownership, not only reducing resources but also eliminating a little unnecessary pollution.

  4. The steel structure has high fire resistance and strong anti-corruption.

  5. The construction quality of the steel structure workshop is reliable, the size is accurate, the placement is convenient, and it is easy to cooperate with related parts.

  6. Light weight and high strength. The weight of Hengyu built with steel structure is about 1/2 of that of reinforced concrete residences; to satisfy the needs of large bays in residences, the use area is 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete residences.

  7. The steel structure is convenient for construction and removal, and the acceptance is non-polluting. There is less pollution to the situation during construction and removal. These directors are the price locations of steel structure Hengyu. He used these advantages to hold up the "purification umbrella" of his life.

  8. It is clean and reliable, has good seismic and wind resistance, strong load capacity, and its seismic capacity can reach level 8. It is its style of not being overwhelmed by large earthquakes and moderate earthquakes.

  china Steel structure workshop supplier - hanau building design is a professional company that provides comprehensive architectural design services. The service areas involve Steel structure workshop, Light Steel Villa, architectural design, structural design and engineering production and installation consulting, etc., with "safety, good quality, The characteristics of "environmental protection and low price" have become the ideal choice for many enterprises and individuals. Customers and friends are welcome to discuss business cooperation.

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