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What are the advantages of steel structure architecture compared with traditional architecture


   The construction industry has always played an important role. The use of materials and structural design in the construction industry are changing with the changes of society, and the light steel structure building is a more important building form in the society. Compared with traditional architecture, steel structure architecture has many advantages. Here is a detailed introduction.

steel structure,steel structure architecture compared with traditional architecture

  1. Steel structure building

  Steel structure building form is a new way of building form in modern society. Steel structure building uses steel plate instead of traditional concrete, which has higher strength and better seismic performance. In addition, the construction materials of steel structure can be made in the factory, so the construction period will be saved to a great extent. This kind of steel structure building is mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, and it is also the main building form in the future.

  2. Traditional architecture

  The traditional building structure mainly uses the concrete material, the concrete has the very big shortcoming in the construction use, already cannot satisfy the people to the modern construction demand, therefore appeared the steel structure construction. Hanau building design is a company providing comprehensive architectural design services. It has many service areas and has its own characteristics for different steel structures.

  Compared with traditional architecture, steel structure architecture has many advantages, which is also the structure of social development and progress, is the product of the times.

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